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  • Understand Your Dog
    This article is what I went through to try and save my 2yr old puppy. I wish I could of done something sooner.

  • What To Look For In A Rescue Cat From An Animal Shelter
    If you have decided to get a new cat for your family, why not choose one from your local cat rescue home or animal shelter? There are so many animals that are in desperate need of a loving home.

  • Standard Poodles - The People Pleaser
    The Standard Poodle temperament is that of a people pleaser. They will go out of their way to make their humans happy.

  • Puppy Care Tips
    Puppies try to jump at anything and everything during their first year of life. It is worth knowing that this behavior will remain the same when the puppy grows into am adult dog.

  • Dog Obedience Training
    Which dog owner won't feel proud of his disciplined dog? Reversely, who won't feel ashamed of an unruly dog?

  • Dog Training: Frequently Asked Questions
    I frequently get asked the same questions by different clients all the time. Here are the questions and the solutions.

  • Benefits of Dog Training, Socialization and Exercise
    I would like to share my professional opinion on the benefits of dog training. Through training you will build a strong lifelong bond between you and your dog.

  • Problem Dogs
    Many dogs have inadvertently learned incorrect behaviour from their owners and require to be educated in how to behave correctly. It would be very unusual for a dog to be simply "bad" or "untrainable", in the vast majority of cases the dog has simply learned bad behaviour - or not learned "good" behaviour!

  • Dog Training - Early Training Is Essential
    Dogs are a fantastic edition to any family but like all youngsters they need training. If you do not train your puppy now it will take a serious amount of help from a training school to get him to be obedient later on.

  • Be Your Dog's Best Friend
    Learn to interact with your dog and enjoy the benefits of a strong and healthy relationship that all dog owners should have with their pet.

  • For the Best Pets Look to the Unusual
    If you're searching for really terrific pets, you may want to take a little walk into the unusual. While dogs and cats - arguably the two most common and beloved pets - are good choices, there are some other animals out there that may very well be better suited to your lifestyle.

  • How to Care For Young Puppies
    Raising a puppie into a dog can be a very rewarding experience. There are some things you can do to have healthier, happier puppies.

  • Dog Treats: Should You Use Them In Dog Training?
    There's always been some controversy over whether you should give treats (i.e. dog biscuits or MilkBones) when you are training a dog. There are advantages and disadvantages to giving treats to a dog when you are training him.

  • Give Plenty of Thought to Selecting Your New Dog
    What to look for in choosing a new puppy. Some tips to help you pick out the right dog or puppy for your family.

  • Are You Prepared to Give First Aid to Your Dog
    As a dog owner, you may find yourself needing to give your dog first aid. Whether a car accident has occurred or your dog has collapsed from health related problems, there are some things you could prepare yourself for.

  • Looking For A Good Dog Breeder
    Some tips and advice for finding a reputable dog breeder.

  • How to Avoid Problems when Boarding your Dog
    Don't spend your vacation worrying about your pet. Follow these simple tips when boarding your dog and have a stress-free vacation.

  • Letting Your Dog Choose His Own Food
    Spend time at any pet store and the choice of dog foods to feed your dog is in abundance. How do you know which to choose and which is good for your dog? The answer to that is simply, you do not, let your dog choose. Although there are some basics that are recommended.
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