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Donna's Story
Caring for and adopting critical care children

Donna Everly with DanielDonna’s little Miracles are living proof that love and nurturing can make a beautiful difference, without it some of her little Miracles may not have survived. “These little ones want to thrive. They just need us to reach out to them,” says Donna.
Donna and her nursing and therapy team along with a team called Fostering Hope and the Church of the Wildwood also help in offering a safe haven, a wonderfully warm and inviting home to those who need critical care around the clock. “We give specialized care here. I have been asked to take more children, but my house needs to be a little bigger.” “I would like more room to be able to receive more children for love and healing.” “That is what we do best here,” says Donna. The plan is to expand the space or to acquire a much larger space so she and her team can help the critical needs children that are placed in the foster care system.
Communities 4Kids has been proud to have been able to pass along financial assistance through the generous donations of others to help support the children Donna care's for. Not only are these children in need of financial support to help provide the expanded facilities and advanced therapeutic equipment needed, but daily supplies such as diapers and paper towels are always in demand if you are looking for others ways to support the care of these children and the efforts of Donna and her staff.
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